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What is a Makeup Artist?

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All artists have their favorite canvas; for makeup artists, their canvas just happens to be the face: the inspiration of countless poems, artwork, and songs.

The best makeup artists command lofty fees and possess loyal clients, whether they are transforming performers to create an accurate visual representation, or perfecting brides for one of the most important days of their lives. Their work demands a perfectionist attitude, as this profession requires a steady hand, an eye for detail, precision in application, and a well-developed appreciation of color, shading, and blending. Successful makeup artists have a passion for beautifying the individual, so they are keenly aware of which colors look best on which person. They are masterful with their makeup application techniques; they have a deep understanding of skin types, skin colors, and makeup ingredients; and they appreciate how practices and techniques must change as to accommodate a specific event, setting, or location. The tools of makeup artists may differ slightly depending on the industry or setting in which they work, but a professional makeup brush set and cosmetic palette are always a must.

Best Makeup Artist's Responsibilities, and Opportunities

Makeup artists may work alone, or they may work as part of a team. Makeup artists new to the industry often work under a senior makeup artist or colleague. Although their duties/responsibilities may differ from one setting or job to the next, these beauty professionals must typically:

  • Makeup Artist Communicate with clients regarding specific requirements and concerns
  • Makeup Artist Sketch design ideas for makeup
  • Makeup Artist Communicate with other members of the makeup design team to ensure continuity is achieved
  • Makeup Artist Consider lighting, backdrops, colors, and the photographic process for each assignment
  • Makeup Artist Maintain an awareness of health, safety, and sanitation issues
  • Makeup Artist Update and maintain a kit of cosmetics, beauty products, and tools
  • Makeup Artist Pay close attention to time constraints and achieve superior time management
  • Makeup Artist Maintain a current portfolio of work

Makeup artists in the fashion industry generally work on site at fashion shoots or runway shows. Their work is required both before and during fashion shoots and runway events, and they are usually supervised by a photographer or fashion designer.

Makeup artists working in film, theater, television, and commercials may be required to perform special effects makeup or apply prosthetics. In theater, television, and film jobs, makeup artists may sign on to work for an extended period of time, while makeup artists working in the special events industry, like weddings, for example, are usually hired for the day. In the creative, fashion, and special events industries, makeup artists often work as freelancers or independent contractors, while those working in salon and spa settings may work as either employees (usually on a commission basis) or as independent contractors, where they rent booth space from the salon owner.

9 Best International Makeup Artists in world

Best Makeup Artist

Bobbi Brown:

Well-recognized name in the world of makeup! Bobbi Brown is one of the most well-established makeup artists in the world. She is the CEO of her cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and also The Today Show’s beauty editor.

Best Makeup Artist

Laura Mercier:

Have you heard of Laura Mercier Cosmetics, Skincare and Fragrance? Well, Laura Mercier is none other than its creator. Celebrities such as Juliette Binoche, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker look only to her for makeup.

Best Makeup Artist

Richard Taylor:

He is one of the most well-known makeup artists in Hollywood. Winner of 5 Oscars, 4 BAFTAs and many other prestigious awards, Richard Taylor is the co-founder and co-director of Wellington’s Weta companies.

Best Makeup Artist

Billy B:

He is the consulting makeup artist for the cosmetic giant, L’Oreal Paris. He has worked with international fashion and beauty magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair.

Best Makeup Artist

Pat McGrath:

She is named as one of the most prominent makeup artists in the world by international magazine Vogue. That’s saying something about her! Pat McGrath has worked with celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna.

Best Makeup Artist

Charlie Green:

She is one of the leading international makeup artists in the circuit from last 20 years! She is the talent behind some of the most fabulous red carpet looks sported by celebrities. Best makeup artist in hollywood.

Best Makeup Artist

Rick Baker:

He has received multiple Oscars for his creative work and is a record holder in the Guinness World Record Book for being the recipient of the most Oscars for contributing to makeup and style in Hollywood.

Best Makeup Artist

Stan Winston:

He worked in the movies Avatar and Iron Man. His creative genius is recognized both in Hollywood as well as on the international circuit.

Best Makeup Artist

Michele Burke:

Shadow, light, color and form is what this makeup genius works with and it is this combination that has made her one of the most esteemed makeup artists in the world. She has won 2 Oscars and 6 nominations for her contribution to make up in Hollywood.

Best Makeup Brands

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